cbrite (cbrite) wrote,

As the last bit of alcohol drips from the mouth that a I slightly missed. I wonder to myself, "Where did I go wrong?" I'm a loyal friend, buddy, partner in crime.  I know I made mistakes, but true friends forgive their friends for idiotic things that they did. So does that mean we aren't true friends? I really don't know. I don't know if my head if full of nonsense or if your head is full of suborn thoughts. It's hard to comprehend.  I wish there is an answer, but I know there won't be. Some I'm left with unanswered questions. Empty feelings. Tragedy. The alcohol was originally meant to calm these thought, but only make them worse. I know I did wrong but whatever, if a years worth of friendship is thrown out in an instant over two band minutes, than fine. Maybe you were never really my friend to begin with.
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