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Tonight, I met a new best friend. His or her name is GauntSalmon. We had fun talking tonight:

GauntSalmon: Doth thy cup runneth over?
andyjcbrite: Sometimes.... but only when I've drank a lot of water and can't stop peeing.
GauntSalmon: ok robot
andyjcbrite: Who told you?
andyjcbrite: Now I must kill you with my lasers.
GauntSalmon: please hurry up
andyjcbrite: Where's you're location human target. You must be erradicated.
andyjcbrite: Beep Beep Boop Boop
GauntSalmon: blooop bloop blop
GauntSalmon: bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
andyjcbrite: Rockets Fired!
GauntSalmon: dont you have a list of other humans do bother . . .your noteriety precedes you
GauntSalmon: i havent the time to go bragging to some stupid lj community
andyjcbrite: Thank's for noticing
andyjcbrite: Yeah those are always fun.
GauntSalmon: no problem nusances will get you far
andyjcbrite: mmm....hmmmm....
andyjcbrite: You coming on to me?
GauntSalmon: a robot?
andyjcbrite: Your big words confuse me.
GauntSalmon: robot
andyjcbrite: My head hurts.
GauntSalmon: robot
GauntSalmon: robot
andyjcbrite: I'm going to commit self destruction now.
GauntSalmon: robots cant hurt
GauntSalmon: U FAIL
GauntSalmon: FAIL
andyjcbrite: Sweet. I succeeded at failing.
GauntSalmon: emo robot
andyjcbrite: Dude, that's gonna be my next band name. Emo Robot.
GauntSalmon: glad to have been of service
andyjcbrite: You can come to our first show? Shall I message you via livejournal?
GauntSalmon: how do u know my lj?
GauntSalmon: u bore me
GauntSalmon: are u done yet
andyjcbrite: No, I got all night.
andyjcbrite: You have any siblings?
GauntSalmon: no
andyjcbrite: Such a shame....
andyjcbrite: No wonder you come online and bother people, you're lonely.
GauntSalmon: no people make you lonely
GauntSalmon: all you really ever have is yourself
andyjcbrite: So you have no friends either?
andyjcbrite: Do you live alone?
andyjcbrite: Maybe I can come visit and we can chill over some brewskis!
GauntSalmon: i dont drink brewskis
GauntSalmon: please go find a keg
GauntSalmon: it is friday after all
GauntSalmon: havent u anything better to do
andyjcbrite: You're silly, I can drink an entire keg, my belly ain't big enough.
andyjcbrite: Nope, I've partied enough this week, tonight I'm going to relax.
GauntSalmon: i think questions cause you to malfunction
GauntSalmon: so how did u obtain this IM?
GauntSalmon: why are you iming me?
GauntSalmon: why haven t u dramatically signed off yet?
andyjcbrite: Well.... you see... I was sitting online minding my own business, and this strange fellow by the name of GauntSalmon instant messages me.
andyjcbrite: So I strike up a conversation
andyjcbrite: Why do you want me to sign off?
andyjcbrite: I like our little chit chats
GauntSalmon: have we had one before?
GauntSalmon: i dont care for aim expressions or this conversation
andyjcbrite: No, not on this screen name. But I'm always willing to start.
GauntSalmon: how do u know im not a robot?
andyjcbrite: Well.... you can always sign off.
GauntSalmon: wy should i
andyjcbrite: I dont' care if you are or not.
GauntSalmon: why
GauntSalmon: alright then
andyjcbrite: If you're a robot, that's sweet. How are you typing?
GauntSalmon: i have claws
andyjcbrite: Do you have robot fingers?
andyjcbrite: Wow, sweet.
GauntSalmon: nope claws
andyjcbrite: Do you crush kittens with them?
GauntSalmon: no i reach into machines and steal stuffed animals
andyjcbrite: Boss!
andyjcbrite: Then what? Do you stuff them full of coke and sell them on the black market?
GauntSalmon: if i filled something with coke why would i go and sell it?
GauntSalmon: this isnt traffic
andyjcbrite: Oh, I thought you were an entrepreneur...
andyjcbrite: But you keep it real!
GauntSalmon: yeah im all about keeping it real
GauntSalmon: dripping in diamonds and keeping it real
GauntSalmon: my 2 fave things
andyjcbrite: Ah shit
andyjcbrite: My diamonds are diamond plated!
andyjcbrite: So how long have you sat on aim and waited for me to come online?
andyjcbrite: Are you making a sandwich?
andyjcbrite: New Best Friend, where'd you go?
andyjcbrite: :'(

I love them so much I drew a picture of us. Best friends forever!

My friend, until the end, we&apos;ll never be apart!

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