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Sorry I haven't updated, I've been kind of preoccupied. But here's how Ozzfest went this past Wednesday. The morning started out pretty smoothly, we got there early and got in the gates.

Between the Buried and Me kicked off the morning and played an awesome yet short set. All Bodies, Selkies: The Endless Obsession, and Autodidact. Definitely the best way to kick off the morning. I got my Alaska CD autographed.

All That Remains soon played after which was odd because they weren't supposed to play until later. But I guess the schedule got changed around. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm sure this is what the setlist was: For Salvation, This Calling, Tattered on My Sleeve, and This Darkened Heart. I picked up their new CD and also got that autographed.

Full Blown Chaos then played but I didn't pay much attention to their set. Not much a fan for the New York Hardcore.

Bad Acid Trip then played. Their set was alright, most of the crowd wasn't into them. I think mostly because they were doing something totally off the wall and people weren't getting it. I also got their CD autographed.

A Life Once Lost came on after that. Sweet set. But pretty much what I expected.

Walls of Jericho played after that. They were originally scheduled to go on second in the morning, but since this was a hometown show, I think they switched schedules with All That Remains. I didn't pay much attention to their set either. No big deal, I've seen them before, and from what I understand they're playing Michigan's Dirtfest in mid August.

The Red Chord hit the stage and everything was chaos. The Red Chord are never a let down. They didn't play Upper Decker like I had hoped, but they ended up playing the other tunes like Clients, Antman, Black Santa, Dreaming in Dog Years and others.

Strapping Young Lad came out and played their ferocious fast set. I've seen them two times before and this time I wasn't all that into them. But I also got a CD autographed.

Norma Jean then came on. They weren't as energetic as usual and their setlist wasn't at best. Liarsenic, Bayonetwork, the standards. They played a new song and ended their set with Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste. As Before, I got my CD autographed. I pretty much got all the autographs I want just by putting all the CD jackets in my pocket. Instead of shelling out a ton of cash for every CD there.

Bleeding Through hit the stage and since I've seen them twice already, I didn't bother paying any attention to them. But yes again, I got my CD autographed. I find it funny that Brandan Schieppati has played Ozzfest with his new band twice, but his previous band Eighteen Visions have yet to play Ozzfest.

Unearth went on afterward and I watched them play about three songs. I've seem them four times before so it wasn't a big deal to me if I missed them as well. At this time my friend Mike and I went and checked out the Freak Show tent. It was pretty much a waste because you had to stand around as they are paraded out one by one. I didn't get to see the Lizard Man like I had hoped, but I did see the Wolf man and a guy to impales his face with needles and bike spokes.

Atreyu played and I didn't bother watching much of them either for the same reason. No big loss.

Black Label Society headlined the Second Stage. It was pretty cool, but judging from the way it sounded, Black Label Society sounds a lot better on Main Stage than Second Stage. But they played Bleed For Me and that's all that matters to me.

Dragonforce opened the Main Stage, it wasn't as great as I had expected. Maybe I was just too far from the stage to get the full experience. It was still cool though.

Lacuna Coil hit the stage right after them and they failed to impress me this time. They played too many songs from the new album in my opinion. Not enough of the other classic older stuff.

Hatebreed then played, although it sounded pretty sweet. They're just not Main Stage material. Plus their set just dragged on.

Avenged Sevenfold came out and attempted to get the crowd going. All the flash lights and smoke machines couldn't hide the fact that they sounded like crap. They did a cover of Pantera's Walk. Which is something you'd expect from a band trying so hard to gain acceptance.

Disturbed then came out and pretty much played their hits. An hour is too long to have to listen to Disturbed. At one point the singer went on a rant about whiny cry baby Mickey Mouse band that all start with the word "The". How they all suck and they sound like pussies. And all I could think of at this time was "Pussy Mickey Mouse bands that start with the word "The" like The Black Dahlia Murder, The Red Chord, The Dillinger Escape Plan... yeah, pussy bands."

System of a Down went on and played what felt like every song they ever written. Interesting set though, especially when they did different interpretations on their songs, including lyrics and such. They turned their song War? into an electronic acid trip. And their take with Sugar with alternate lyrics was pretty humorous.

So at the end of the night we headed out to the parking lot where a bunch of bands were having a tailgate party. Greg from The Red Chord and Tommy from Between the Buried and Me were having a rap battle. The guys from A Life Once Lost kept asking if I had any weed while I got their autographs. I'm still missing one of the guitar players. My brother was pushing Buz from Unearth around on a cart. Wild times. At one point I talked to one of the guitar player's of Atreyu about an idea I had where either Tommy from Between the Buried and Me or Marta from Bleeding Through did guest appearance at the end of their set and played the piano part to Lip Gloss and Black. He actually thought it wasn't a bad idea. Towards the end of the night this roadie was being drunk and belligerent, and an all around prick. He was throwing bottles and cans at me, telling me to get out of there. Guy from The Red Chord and Trevor from Unearth told me to forget about him and that they were cool with me. I later found out from the bassist of Bleeding Through that there was a bike stolen from one of the trailers a few night ago and since it was his responsibility, he didn't want anyone hanging around the trailers, which makes sense I guess.

After that, we went to Taco Bell, then home, and then passed out. Pretty radical day if I say.
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